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Технологии, автоматизация и искусственный интеллект в корне меняют привычные методы работы: машины все больше конкурируют с людьми на рынке труда. Сегодня сотруднику мало быть просто специалистом. Будущее за теми, кто делает ставку на отличительные человеческие способности, которые невозможно заменить: амбициозность, проницательность, гибкость, умение строить взаимоотношения и быть лидером.

Consulting department of PwC Russia is looking for Senior Consultant level professionals with transportation educational and professional backgrounds to join our Strategy and Operations team, Transportation & Logistics sector.

What you will get:

  • Solid career in a reputable company with a strong brand, which will drive your resume for years ahead
  • Intensive training and coaching to rapidly develop an independent professional in you (and accompanying fair and fast rank and compensation growth)
  • Chance to try many different areas of the transportation industry and see how top national companies work before you commit to any of them (top airlines, airports, railways, taxi and car-sharing companies)
  • Rapidly develop general business, narrow technical and industry-specific skills
  • Broaden network of colleagues and clients who will help and employ you for the rest of your career
  • International career and marketability (if you decide you want it)

We expect you to bring:

  • Must have:
    • At least a Bachelor (4 years) degree in Transportation Science (Railway, Aerospace or any engineering or exact sciences degree, etc.)

3 years or more of intensive experience in Russian or multinational companies. Specialization is Production, Maintenance, Projects Management, Investment Management, Strategic planning, etc.

  • Being equally good with numbers and with people
  • Taking initiative and owning it through to the results
  • Curiosity and desire to understand how things really work
  • Good Russian writing skills and decent English
  • Know what you are doing by applying to Consulting – do your homework
  • Big advantage if you:
  • Have any living or working experience abroad (not as a tourist)
  • Have worked in a large multinational company but not necessarily a transportation company (i.e. Global Fortune 500)
  • Useful experience in Transportation (consulted them, worked for them, sold to them, etc)

What we do:

We help a wide range of transportation clients, from state-owned giants and multinationals to investment funds (i.e. buying car-sharing startups) to solve strategic, managerial and operational issues; drive sales and reduce costs; streamline processes and restructure, assess and evaluate companies before buying or selling them. Don't worry if you don't know how to do it - we will teach you how.

Examples of projects:

  • Advising a large national airline on how to win over Middle Eastern competitors on a Chinese market
  • Helping a railroad build a 50 billion dollar infrastructure investment plan and forecast passenger demand for 40 years ahead
  • Finding a way to reduce the number of unplanned rolling stock repairs 5 times

Who we are:

- 40+ billion-dollar global consulting network counting more than 250 000 consultants globally

- >85% of Global Fortune 500 companies are our clients

- perhaps, the largest consulting transportation practice in Russia - dozens of projects per year

P.S.: if you received a decline for your application - this means we did not understand from your resume and cover letter how you fit this specific vacancy. We have dozens of other vacancies - feel free to apply! If you feel we have made a mistake by declining your application - re-read the vacancy, rewrite your resume to better fit the vacancy, write a solid cover letter, explaining why we should still consider you. We do recognize that sometimes high motivation, persistence, and discipline can compensate some lack of resume experience, but the burden of proof is on you

Senior Consultant - Strategy & Operations Consulting -Transportation & Logistics (CIPS)

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