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Котельников Михаил Алексеевич

Male, 41 year, born on 20 November 1982

Actively searching for a job
 +7 (922) 344-55-33
Телефон подтвержден
fox+offer-hhe@woland.me — preferred means of communication

Perm, not willing to relocate, prepared for occasional business trips


4 000 $ in hand

  • Programmer, developer

Employment: full time

Work schedule: flexible schedule, remote working

Work experience 12 years 4 months

January 2021December 2023
3 years
BARS Group

Perm, bars.group

Senior developer
Maintenance and refinement of the medical information system. Platform: GNU/Linux. Technologies: PHP 7.4, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, JavaScript. Version control system: Git.
November 2018November 2020
2 years 1 month
Freshstore, Softline Group

Perm, softline.com

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Maintenance and refinement the billing for software by subscription service. Platform: GNU/Linux. Technologies: PHP 7.2, PostgreSQL 9.6, PL/pgSQL, JavaScript, RabbitMQ. Frameworks and libraries: Zend 1.2, JQuery. Automation scripts: Bash, Python. Package manager: Composer. Version control system: Git.
December 2015June 2016
7 months
Teramind Inc.


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Web-development: the company site and web-application — the part of the SAAS product. Platform: GNU/Linux. Technologies: PHP 5.4, JS, CSS3, NodeJS. Frameworks: Laravel 5, AngularJS 1.2. Package managers: Composer, Bower, NPM. Automation scripts: Gulp, Bash. Version control system: Git.
September 2014October 2015
1 year 2 months
Gorodskiye zrelischnye kassy

Perm, kassy.ru

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Development of web- and Linux-applications of the internal infrastructure of the company. Implementation and refinement of applications with open source. Building a system of unified authentication and authorization. Administration of servers based on GNU/Linux. Creating and maintaining a single IP-telephony network with the call center module. Platform: GNU/Linux. Technologies: SMTP, DNS, VoIP, XMPP, LDAP, PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL, C. Version control system: Git.
December 2013March 2014
4 months


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Development of the web interface for a mobile content management system. Platform: GNU/Linux. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript. Framework: ExtJS. Version control system: Subversion.
September 2012June 2013
10 months
Information Technology and Communications Systems


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Development of cash terminal software, server of processing and administrative web interface. Platform: GNU/Linux. Technologies: C++, Python, PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL, PHP, JavaScript. Frameworks and libraries: Qt, Yii, JQuery. Version control system: Git.
February 2012July 2012
6 months


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Development of job-searching web-portal. Platform: GNU/Linux. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript. Frameworks and libraries: Yii, JQuery. Version control system: Git.
June 2010April 2011
11 months
Yediny Raschotny Tsentr

Perm, erc-perm.ru/

Financial Sector... Show more

Development and maintenance payments processing system: cashier workstation software and payments processing server. Platforms: GNU/Linux, MS Windows. Technologies: Java, PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL, Delphi. Version control system: Git.
December 2007July 2008
8 months


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Lead Engineer - System Administrator
Maintenance of Linux-, FreeBSD- and Solaris-servers, NAS. Servicing of the mail system, web, DBMS (Oracle, Firebird). Equipment: HP servers, HP SAN. Tools and technologies: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Oracle DB, Firebird, SMTP, DNS, Apache Web Server.
April 2006May 2007
1 year 2 months
Telecom Management

Perm, clicom.ru

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Engineer of system administration
Maintenance of Linux- and FreeBSD-servers, network monitoring systems, IP-telephony systems. Development of services based on Cisco Call Manager. Collection and processing of statistics on the services provided. Tools and technologies: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MS SQL Server, SQL, Transact-SQL, Cisco Call Manager, VoIP.
August 2004August 2005
1 year 1 month


Network administrator
Administration of Linux-based servers, active network equipment. Development and implementation of network monitoring and troubleshooting. Interaction with the RIPE for registration of an autonomous system and the allocation of blocks of IP-addresses. Interaction with backbone operators. Equipment: Cisco, Alvarion. Tools and technologies: OSPF, BGP, STP, GNU/Linux, Bash, DNS.

Key skills

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DB architect

About me

Additional code examples you can see at my GitLab: https://git.woland.me/explore/projects GitHub: https://github.com/wolandtel Preferable: * PHP-backend; * GNU/Linux software development: C/C++, Qt. Wrote in Python a bit, saw Go; * DB development [PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL].


Secondary education



EnglishB1 — Intermediate

GermanA1 — Basic

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Doesn't matter