Swixx BioPharma

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Swixx BioPharma

Swixx BioPharma is designed to fully replace biopharma, OTC and medical device multinationals’ subsidiaries or business units in those countries, or therapeutic areas of CEE, that the multinational chooses not to enter, or to exit.With 500+ employees and sales likely to top 230 million Euros in 2020, Swixx BioPharma is already the largest agent for ethical pharmaceuticals serving research-based biopharma in CEE. The company is staffed by a unique group of access-savvy managers and medical professionals who are dedicated to bring modern medicines to the people of CEE region. We are a service-oriented, high quality and ethically-driven company. Swixx BioPharma began operations in December 2014 and is registered in Baar, Switzerland. The company has 100%-owned affiliates in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Both Swixx BioPharma senior management and owners come from a heritage of unique success in specialty pharmaceuticals in the CEE region. Swixx BioPharma enjoys strong financial connections with banks, hedge funds and private equity – should the need or opportunity arise, we have unsurpassed ability to raise capital quickly and efficiently

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